Update from Headmaster Phillips, July 14, 2014

Last Updated: 2014-07-16 14:16:25 UTC

As you know, the Riverside County Board of Education voted 6-1 to deny our appeal last week for Menifee Valley Prep.
And, while it might seem to be disheartening news at first, please know that we feel that we have made some very solid gains in the overall picture.
It is important to note a couple of things:
The President of the RCOE Board of Trustees, Menifee’s area representative - Bruce Dennis, was the one favorable vote. He was willing to give us the opportunity this time to open a charter with a Memorandum of Understanding – a very common practice. This was very encouraging!! Thank you President Dennis!
Several board members made it clear that they believed we could run an excellent program. They just want a better description of 'how.'  This, also, was very encouraging as last time there were a number of questions about our abilities.
The staff report did not attack our program, it only asked for greater clarification. Again, very encouraging!!
You might be asking, “Why are there so many questions about the description?” The answer is simple – Most charter schools operate very similar academic programs as the traditional public schools, we don’t.
Our virtue based classical education is so unique that those in the traditional public education sector have not had the opportunity to learn about it the way we have. So, we need to clarify through a greater detail of explanation.
Finally, one of our very committed and faithful MVP parents was on hand again to testify and had the opportunity to speak to board members afterwards and a couple of the board membersspecifically said, “Don’t give up!”
The same quote from Winston Churchill we have used in the past is just as applicable now, “Never, never, never give up!”
Recently I had someone contact me from the state charter school association to encourage me to continue the fight. They shared about a school that filed a petition five (5) times before they were granted their school – they refused to give up and so do we!
In other words, this battle is going to be won through tenacity. There is little room for an attitude of defeat – and we are not allowing it here on our side. We encourage you to stay the course and see this through with us. As John Locke said, "Fortitude is the guard and support of the other virtues."
We are taking a couple of weeks to strategize and plan for the future, but please know we have NOT forgotten YOU or the cause.

This is not over…stay tuned !
Scott Phillips, J.D., CEO and Headmaster